Date: October 20, 2023

Venue: IB 2071

Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence empowers ECE students to embark on their AI knowledge journey

On October 20th, we had the privilege of hosting Mr. Tan Yongbao, General Manager, and Mr. Cheng Ze, Research Scientist, from Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence. They delivered an engaging lecture and provided valuable career guidance for our ECE students.

Dr. Cheng’s presentation on “AI Models for Partial Differential Equations in Industrial Design” was enlightening, showcasing the boundless potential of AI in industrial applications. Additionally, Mr. Tan generously participated in a Q&A session, offering insightful career advice to our students.

Their expertise and thoughtful guidance made the event truly enriching, contributing significantly to our academic community. We are grateful for their inspiring presentations and mentorship, shaping a meaningful learning experience for our ECE students.