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iAPSE is the home of world-class interdisciplinary education and research. In today’s profoundly changing world, iAPSE aims to stimulate new research breakthroughs in applied science and engineering and promote social, economical and cultural development. iAPSE also endows our students with a strong technical foundation, providing them with opportunities to explore science, hone their abilities, and take responsibility.


iAPSE embraces a unique yet efficient organizational structure in which there is no conventional department. Instead, iAPSE is composed of interdisciplinary master programs and cross-disciplinary research centers. iAPSE launched its Master of Engineering (MEng) program in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) in 2019 and the Data Science Research Center (DSRC) in 2017. More education programs and research centers will be developed in the near future.


The ECE MEng program broadly covers multiple emerging areas, including software development and big data, among other topics. Students are expected to spend their first year at DKU and then the second year at Duke to experience inter-cultural education in both China and the United States. After completing all degree requirements, students will receive the Duke MEng degree in ECE. Based on historical statistics from Duke ECE, our students are highly competitive in the global job market and their annual salary reaches USD 113,913 on average. In addition, iAPSE closely collaborates with the campus-wide community to strongly support the Interdisciplinary Data Science (IDS) major for undergraduate students. Each undergraduate IDS student is expected to receive training in both data science and a dedicated domain that he/she chooses to apply data analysis. Such an interdisciplinary education is different from the conventional practice and is expected to create the next-generation interdisciplinary talents to address today’s global challenges in big data analytics.


DSRC is composed of faculty, staff and students from different disciplines including computer science, mathematics, engineering, environment, social sciences, arts and humanities, global health, etc. Integrating world-class researchers from multiple domains enables us to pursue truly interdisciplinary research where data analysis is applied to explore new insights and discover new findings in a variety of domains. Our ongoing research projects cover a broad spectrum of emerging domains, such as manufacturing, healthcare, marketing, finance, automobiles, education, software, hardware, etc. These projects are grouped to four thrusts: (1) infrastructure, (2) intelligent systems, (3) AI-driven business, and (4) privacy and security.

In 2021, our researchers published 1 book chapter, 12 journal papers and 28 conference papers. Based on our innovative technologies, 3 patent applications were filed, and 5 patents were awarded.

Xin Li, Ph.D.
Associate Vice-Chancellor for Graduate Studies and Research, Duke Kunshan University
Dean of Graduate Studies, Duke Kunshan University
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke Kunshan University
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke University
Director of Institute of Applied Physical Sciences and Engineering, Duke Kunshan University
Director of Data Science Research Center, Duke Kunshan University
Director of Master of Engineering Program in ECE, Duke Kunshan University

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