Date: Nov 20, 2020

Time: 10:00 - 11:00

Location: IB 2028

DSRC Seminar | Let’s reveal the beautiful interface of Humanities and Data Science

How can students and professors from Humanities & Data Science learn from each other’s unique perspectives in a simple fun way? Can those seemingly unrelated geniuses work together and discover their mysteriously yet shared unknowns? Yes, we have got some insights from our innovative initiative: Dialogue Learning, a whole new AIpowered EdTech media. Want to discover the invisible pattern behind Ernest Hemingway’s writings? Or hope to fall in love with Natural Language Processing from a case that will blow your mind? Come and join us! Yes, it will be fun!

Marc Yu Jia: co-founder of Dialogue Learning. Marc holds both MS and PhD in ECE from Duke University. As a Machine Learning expert, he published numerous peer reviewed papers in journals and conferences. Serving as GPSC rep for Duke Bass Connections Advisory Council has made him believe in the beautiful interface of science and humanities, and its magical power to nurture creativity!
Jenni Hanhan Zhang: co-founder of Dialogue Learning. Jenni holds a MA in Linguistics from Zhejiang University, and a MA in English Literature from NCSU. She co-led the Duke International Book Club and published several research papers at literature journal and conferences. With the academic training in literature and passion for cross-cultural communication, she hopes to kindle people’s curiosity with simple narrative!