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Duke Kunshan University is a Sino-American partnership between Wuhan University and Duke University. We seek to create a world-class liberal arts and research university that offers a comprehensive range of academic programs, both for students from China and throughout the world. We are a nonprofit, joint-venture institution. In September 2013, the Chinese Ministry of Education approved our accreditation, and Duke Kunshan University welcomed our inaugural class of students in August 2014.

We have established a Master of Engineering (MEng) program in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Duke Kunshan University due to the current strength of interdisciplinary education and research of Duke’s own ECE program. Duke ECE has pursued interdisciplinary research projects through its collaboration with other departments, such as the Pratt School of Engineering, the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Medicine, and more. Today, the ECE department is an important contributor to the quality of applied science and engineering at Duke.

In addition, the ECE program itself is emblematic of world-class education and research. It is characterized by a firm engineering foundation, and further grounded by the classes and experience that showcase Duke’s unique liberal arts environment. The ECE department at Duke is currently home to 235 undergraduate students, 168 MS/MEng students, and 195 PhD students. No matter their degree, these ECE students are characterized by the depth and breadth of their engineering education, as well as their superior communication skills, and a profound appreciation for how engineering fits within the broader societal spectrum.

After graduation, Duke ECE students frequently achieve leadership roles across a wide array of fields. Some of them will work for academic universities, research labs, and companies within the engineering field, but graduates are not confined to opportunities within that area. Many graduates pursue their career in other specialties such as business, law, and medicine.

The strengths of Duke’s ECE program are clear, and we believe that we can capitalize on these achievements through the establishment of an ECE MEng program at Duke Kunshan University. Through this program, we seek to accomplish the following missions:

Make impactful contributions to talent training in China, facilitating Duke and Duke Kunshan University’s rise to leading global institutions.

Through our collaboration with Duke, we will recruit top ECE candidates from China and its neighboring countries, giving them the environment and resources necessary to become global technical leaders in the field of ECE. These goals will create a global vision for Duke and Duke Kunshan University.

It is important to note that the ECE MEng program at Duke Kunshan University will not be a simple replica of Duke’s existing ECE program. Instead, we have considered the remarkably rapid technological advances of today’s global environment, which includes the United States, China, and other neighboring countries. With these considerations in mind, we have carefully designed our program, making it well-positioned to meet the demands of the evolving market. Designed with industrial needs in mind, students will be exposed to modern Chinese business practices, industry standards, and plenty of networking opportunities. Such experience is not just valuable, it is indispensable in this globalized economy, and necessary whether students eventually return to China or choose to work for US companies engaged in business with China.

The program will offer two years of training for students, who will spend their first year at Duke Kunshan University. Other than a few exceptional cases, students are expected to spend their second year abroad at Duke, where they will receive a Duke MEng degree while gaining valuable international experience. Students spending their second year at Duke will have access to resources if they decide to remain abroad after graduation, such as Optional Practical Training (OPT) from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, which will aid students in expanding their work experience and industry knowledge in the United States. In an exceptional case, if a student remains at Duke Kunshan University for his/her second year, he/she is not eligible for OPT.

Our program will offer integrated classroom education and professional training. This combination will prepare students for the active engagement necessary to devise solutions for global technical challenges. The students we seek are those who desire an international education experience in both China and the US, as our program was designed to give students what they need to become technical leaders for global companies.

Xin Li, Ph. D. 
Associate Vice-Chancellor for Graduate Studies and Research, Duke Kunshan University
Dean of Graduate Studies, Duke Kunshan University
Director of Institute of Applied Physical Sciences and Engineering, Duke Kunshan University
Director of Master of Engineering Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke Kunshan University
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke Kunshan University
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke University

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