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The ECE MEng program, both at Duke and DKU, will support student efforts to plan their studies and career developments. The ECE MEng program provides ample opportunities for students to interact with industry and alumni to build their own networks.


After completing two semesters of education at DKU, students embark on a summer internship either in China or their home countries, allowing them to acquire valuable industrial insights and apply their newfound knowledge to the betterment of the global community.

The DKU ECE program has admitted five cohorts of students since 2019, with an impressive track record that 100% of students secured qualified summer internships over the past four years. Prominent companies that have recruited DKU ECE interns include Alibaba, Bosch, ByteDance, Ctrip, DellEMC, Lenovo, Intel, SAP, Mevion, Microsoft, and RedHat, etc, showcasing the program’s commitment to fostering valuable industry experiences for its students.

Job Placements

Duke’s Electrical & Computer Engineering master’s program prepares graduates for a variety of careers—including with some of the world’s most important tech companies. Graduates also go on to leading Ph.D. programs.

Graduates of the master’s programs at Duke ECE received an average annual salary of $115,229 in 2021. Their employers encompass most major industrial companies. Recent industry examples: Airbnb, Amazon, Apple, Cisco, Facebook, Google, IBM, Intel, LinkedIn, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Oracle. 

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Graduate Outcomes (DKU ECE Class of 2022)

100% of DKU ECE Class of 2022 graduates found full-time employment or pursued further education 6 months after graduation.

24 students graduated in the US by May 2022 with an average starting salary of $ 129,333.

10 students graduated in China by May 2022 with an average starting salary of ¥296,286.


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