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The Data Science Research Center (DSRC) aims to impact the broad communities of science, engineering, medicine, policy and business by (1) inventing transformative algorithms, tools and methodologies for data analytics, and (2) training young talents with interdisciplinary skills to work on data analysis in a variety of broader domains. Its critical mission is to transform massive raw data to valuable information and merit by statistical learning and knowledge extraction.

DSRC involves faculty, staff and students to work towards this ambitious goal, thereby serving as an important vehicle for both academic research and student education/training at DKU. The interdisciplinary nature of DSRC matches the strategic vision set by DKU for future development.

The director oversees all activities at DSRC. So far, DSRC has thirty-two full-time faculty members, and two full-time staff members provide administrative support for all faculty, staff and students affiliated with the center. Any faculty member or student can join DSRC, if he/she has an active research project hosted by the center. DSRC is mostly funded by external research projects. These external research funds are used to recruit research staff members and student interns working on individual projects.

The major accomplishments in 2022 include:
  • Published 43 journal papers and 24 conference papers.
  • Filed 4 patent applications, awarded 10 patents, offered 14 invited presentations, and received 6 major awards.
  • Joint hosted 1 workshop, Joint Workshop on Math and Data Science, with 26 attendees.
  • Hosted 5 technical seminars with 148 attendees in total.
  • Supported 13 junior faculty members (i.e., assistant and associate professors) by offering internal research funds, bridging external sponsors/collaborators and mentoring career development.
  • Initiated 5 Data+X research projects for undergraduate students, involving 8 faculty members and 15 undergraduate students.


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2022 Annual Research Funding

Over the past year, DSRC has played an important role in supporting innovative research, student training and faculty development. It has provided a shared research platform and supporting system that is accessible by all faculty, staff and students at DKU. By creating collaborative channels with a large number of external academic universities, industrial companies and government agencies, DSRC has also helped DKU to boost its global reputation in the field of data science and artificial intelligence. In long term, DSRC will continue serving the DKU community by offering research and training opportunities in a variety of emerging areas related to data analytics.

Kaizhu Huang, Ph. D.  
Director of Data Science Research Center, Duke Kunshan University
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke Kunshan University

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