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Thank you for your interest in working at the Data Science Research Center at Duke Kunshan University.

Here, you will find information on the vacancies currently available for faculty, research staff, administrative staff and interns at Duke Kunshan University, as well as information on how to apply.

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Research Position

Position Overview

The Data Science Research Center (DSRC) at Duke Kunshan University (DKU) is seeking applicants with expertise in computer vision, and in particular, human behavior video analysis to engage in research collaboration between Duke University, Duke Kunshan University, top hospitals and major industrial companies.
DKU is a partnership of Duke University, Wuhan University and the Municipality of Kunshan, China. The campus is located 37 miles west of Shanghai in Kunshan, which is connected to Shanghai via a 20-minute high-speed train. DKU currently offers graduate and undergraduate programs. For more info, visit http://www.dukekunshan.edu.cn.
DSRC is an interdisciplinary research-dedicated unit that engages a broad spectrum of investigators across disciplines. The center is now aggressively pursue interdisciplinary research on big data analytics over a broad range of applications including autonomous driving, advanced manufacturing, digital arts, human computer interaction, behavior signal processing, healthcare, etc.
Candidates will work on projects related to multimodal behavior signal analysis and interpretation for mental health applications supervised by Dr. Ming Li.
Based on the performance, this post-doctor research associate may be promoted to research assistant professor upon completion of the first contract.

How to Apply

Please submit a English CV/Resume and a Cover Letter through DKU Career Opportunities Portal at https://career15.sapsf.cn/career?company=dukekunsha. It is also suggested to email application materials with subject line of “Post-Doctoral Research Fellow of the Data Science Research Center” to ming.li369@dukekunshan.edu.cn.

Reports to

Ming Li Associate Professor of Electronical and Computer Engineering

Essential Duties
  • Perform research and development works on research projects in DSRC
  • Help mentoring interns and volunteers for research projects in DSRC
  • Other tasks as assigned.
  • University employees’ job responsibilities will continue to expand in scope and depth as the University grows in size and complexity in its programs.
Required Qualifications
  • Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or related major
  • Candidates should have a strong research track record for one of the following topics: (1) automatic recognition of facial expressions, gestures, gazes and human visual activities, (2) multimodal machine learning algorithms for human behavior signal processing, (3) technologies to help clinicians with mental health diagnoses and treatments.
  • Candidates should have publications in top machine learning, computer vision, affective computing conferences and journals.
  • Research involving clinical patients with mental health disorders (e.g., autism, depression, schizophrenia, suicidal ideation, addiction, etc.) and experience mentoring students are a plus.

Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or related major

Years of Related Working Experience

Fresh graduate students will be considered.

Research Opportunities

Call for Proposals on Interdisciplinary Data Analysis

This call for proposals (CFP) aims to solicit research proposals from all DKU faculty on interdisciplinary data analysis. Applications from data plus sustainability, arts, climate, humanities, social sciences, etc. are welcome. Eligible proposals will be reviewed rigorously. These projects will be hosted by the Data Science Research Center (DSRC) and managed by the Office of Research Support and Technology Transfer (ORS).

Any faculty member with a full-time or primary appointment at DKU is eligible to submit. Each faculty member can only submit one proposal as the PI, co-PI or other participants in each year. Each faculty member can only have one on-going Data+X project funded by DSRC. Any proposal that fails to meet the eligibility requirements will be directly rejected without review.

All proposals must involve undergraduate students at DKU. The proposed project should be appropriately designed, and the proposal should clearly explain how undergraduate students could make their contributions.

Faculty members from different domains are encouraged to form a team to submit a joint proposal. However, it is not mandatory to involve multiple faculty members in one proposal and single-PI proposals will be equally encouraged.

The project is for a one-year term, any unused funds at the end of the term will be reclaimed and cannot be extended. If the project cannot be successfully completed, no future projects from the center will be granted.

The project budget must be appropriately planned and justified based on the proposed research activities. The budget should include the stipends for undergraduate students, and it should not include any summer salary for faculty. The proposed work cannot be funded by other internal or external sponsors during the project period.

Proposals will be reviewed and rated by considering the following aspects: (1) academic value of the proposed research, (2) training opportunities for undergraduate students, and (3) budget plan.

At the end of the project, each PI is required to submit a report summarizing the research activities including major accomplishments, scholarly products, student engagement, etc.

The budget and report templates are attached at the end of the document.


Each proposal is up to 4 pages in font 12 and should include the following information: (1) project title, (2) project track, (3) PI/co-PI names, titles and emails, (4) project description, (5) budget plan (no indirect cost), and (6) short biographies for PI/co-PIs.

Please compile your full proposal as a SINGLE PDF file and email it to Ivy Xu (danyi.xu@dukekunshan.edu.cn) with the subject line of “Proposal for Data+X Funding”.


Proposal submission deadline:        July 15, 2024

Project announcement:                    August 20, 2024

Project starting date:                       September 1, 2024

Project end date:                              August 31, 2025

The AY 23/24 round CFP closed. The next CFP will be announced in early June of 2024.

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